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Vise3+ and the 12 12 12 Launch


RTF Vise Product Page


With over one million Smartphones and Tablets secured worldwide, the RTF Vise has established itself as a market leader in the display security industry for wireless devices.

Being the first company to offer a universal mechanical claw solution, RTF's formidable loss prevention system now becomes a universal display and highly reliable charging solution with the introduction of Vise3+ on 12 12 12.

Tablets such as the iPad 3 and Samsung Galaxy now charge effortlessly while running digital media content in portrait and landscape 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Late 2013, RTF introduces Vise4. The new Vise is more secure, easier to install, aesthetically  pleasing and will launch with an above counter solution, Display4. Vise4 will be first to market with an Android powered alarm controller, SmartController4 along with greater SmartCircle integration.